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Tomas hosts the Masters of Regeneration Podcast and gives talks on Regenerative Nutrition, Systems + Cycles Thinking, and Human Ecology.

Regenerative chef. Writer. Traveler. Hybrid Ontologist. Evolutionist. Ecological Anthropologist. Polyglot. Gastronaut. Photographer. Level 5 Tennis player. Scuba Diver. Learner. Filmmaker. Follow Tomas on Instagram @tomasrayesvarela

Massive Transformative Purpose

“Aiming to help accelerate the transition to a circular understanding of humanity’s relationship to the environment, and the impact of regenerative lifestyles on the well being of Life on the planet.”

Tomas is the host of Masters of Regeneration Radio. He is also the narrator, producer and director of Beyond Food, a documentary on extraordinary health and personal empowerment that launched worldwide on-demand 7.17.17.

He is a Partner and Director of Research & Content creation for Delicious Though, a think tank focused on rethinking Food and Health, Regenerative Practices in agriculture, food production, soil management, personalized/ anti-aging medicine, and ecological anthropology.

He speaks 5 languages fluently including Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese, and has a working command of Italian. He is also an international award-winning artist, photographer, has a masters degree in Multimedia Arts from Nihon University in Tokyo with a Japanese government scholarship granted to only 5 people per year, and held an O1 visa for citizens with extraordinary abilities in the US for 9 years until 2018. His work has been shown in Japan, Brazil, Colombia and the US, and now worldwide with the launch of his documentary, Beyond Food.

Tomas grew up in Paris, lived in Bogota, Rio, Tokyo, NY, LA, and now lives on the road.

He spent 2013 and 2014 traveling the United States to interview some of the foremost experts in food and health to create Beyond Food, a picture of extraordinary health and personal empowerment featuring Dave Asprey, Mariel Hemingway, Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece, Dr James Hardt, and many other fascinating characters.

Interests: Human and Planetary Health & Evolution, Happiness, Purpose, Pleasure, Meaning, Anti-aging Science, Biohacking, Ecological Anthropology, Travel, Fine Dining, Kaiseki, Scuba Diving, Tennis (Level 5.0), Spices, Food Cycles.his