Last night I had this thought that the first 'supermarket' was the outdoors. The 1st nature we experienced.

It only takes a little foraging homework and a hike to realize you are walking through salad, main courses and a pharmacy when you're in the forest, the jungle, the ocean, the mountains, the plains. Because that's what Life is, a nutrient cycle at the end of the day.

For thousands of years we made sense of that 1st Nature, and generation after generation we learned what to eat, what not to eat, what plants and barks to take to cure diseases and so on.

We passed on that knowledge to the coming generations, over and over for centuries.

Today, supermarkets are different types of jungles with stuff that is very good for you and stuff that will slowly poison you. They are the 2nd Nature we experience. The 2nd nature we created.

Because we create and transform our environment the way Nature does, we created this 2nd environment which is harder to navigate. It changes much faster than the forest, among other things. And the main problem is there are no elders to show you the way since it's a constantly and rapidly evolving jungle.

No wonder we are a little lost sometimes, in this supermarket jungle.

I love adventure, so jungle is good, no matter what kind. And these days, I eat whatever the f*ck I want as long as it makes my body feel good and makes me feel light, powered up and focused.

I just make sure I sprinkle my supermarket jungle with some farmers market, wilderness, fishing, hunting, grass-fed butcher shops and amazing restaurants celebrating Nature and Deliciousness.

What will the 3rd Nature we experience be? When our technology mixes with biology?