Delicious meditation on understanding oneself as part of a boundless ecosystem

Imagine you are covered in this cosmic blanket of gravity.
It is invisible, yet pulls you into the earth.
The same earth to which we will all one day return.

Now see yourself on the sand, turning into sand over time.
The waves come and slowly take you into the ocean, as you become part
of the water.

Over thousands of years, visualize all the sea animals you can think of being born,
and passing away, over and over again, turning into water too.

See a whale, a turtle, a shrimp, a fish, a squid, a coral reef, a shark, a sea urchin, colorful little fish, a ray, all the other ocean animals you can think of.

They have all been born and they have all died in that same Ocean over millions of years. They are part of the water in the Ocean.

Now visualize the water cycle which has gone on for millions of years, see that water where all animals have been born and have passed away, evaporating into the air, turning into the wind, into clouds, raining down, quenching the thirst of rivers, plants, trees, animals on land, grass, rocks and coming back to the Ocean.

Now see yourself standing at the edge of the water, realizing that cycle, becoming aware of that thought.

You realize you are part whale, part shark, part wave, part plankton, part ray, part dolphin, part squid. See yourself as part of any other animal you can feel you are.

You realize the water inside your body is the same water in the Ocean.

That same Ocean where all animals were born and died and became water too. You realize you are water, you are animals, you are all.